Eliminate the back and forth of rostering shifts.

"Communication regarding coach availability, changing shifts etc. had previously required a lot of phone calls, text messages and back and forth between coaches. Now with Clipboard, coaches are able to easily enter their availability and I can set up a season’s worth of sessions within minutes."

Kieran Donohue

Director of Outdoor Sport

Knox Grammar School

Total Visibility

Staff get sick, have university commitments, and go on holidays. If a staff member is unavailable for any reason you can quickly and easily see who else is free to step in and assign the session to them. Even better, you have total visibility of scheduling and unavailabilities on any device, anywhere and at any time.

Simple for staff to add

Staff can set up their repeating unavailabilities for things like university or other ongoing commitments, as well as one off unavailabilities like holidays or illness. Because it’s so simple for staff to add their unavailabilities, you have the confidence that you’ll never again be left scrambling to find a replacement staff member for a session.

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