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"We can review and approve all timesheets from within Clipboard and then they’re automatically submitted straight to finance, which means we have a more accurate and efficient system that is also quicker and easier to use."

Cameron Anderson
Director of Sport & Activities
Pymble Ladies' College

Easily approve and send to payroll.

Managers can easily view and approve timesheets. Abnormal timesheets will show up as 'Flagged', allowing managers to click on an individual timesheet to see more details such as an explanation and edit the hours.

All timesheets can then easily be exported to CSV format and uploaded into your payroll system.

Filling out timesheets is a breeze.

Current timesheets cause frustration by forcing staff to remember the exact details of their shift. With Clipboard, staff simply select their shift in the dropdown, adjust the hours if necessary, and hit submit.

Save money.

Our 2016 study found that staff overstating hours on their timesheets could cost a large school in excess of $95 625 per annum.

We help you save this money by tightly integrating timesheets with scheduling. If a staff member increases the duration of their hours beyond their scheduled shift, Clipboard detects it and flags the hours for managers to review.

Replace manual timesheets with an online system that is quick, smart, and saves money

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