Detailed Insights

Attendance Summary

The Attendance Summary table provides you with quick and easy visibility over all attendance records for a team throughout the season. This is particularly useful when evaluating colours or awards at the end of the season.

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Result History

It’s easy to track how a team is performing throughout the season with Clipboard’s result history on the Team page. See a breakdown of results for each team and keep track of whether performance is improving.

Student Organisation

Easily organise students into teams with seamless drag and drop functionality. You can choose to allow staff to move students between teams directly, or require manager approval for team moves.


Fits Current Processes

Our Teams export provides you with a spreadsheet of your teams that’s easy to print and distribute to notice boards. This way Clipboard Teams can seamlessly fit into your current team management process.

Seamless Import

The Clipboard Teams import allows you to quickly and easily add or update your teams on Clipboard. This means adding a whole season’s worth of teams in seconds, or making major updates to teams at the click of a button.

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