Automatic Reminders

Clipboard automatically reminds staff to complete certain actions so you don’t have to follow them up.

Mark Rolls

If staff are assigned to a session and they haven’t marked the roll, Clipboard will automatically send follow up reminders to ensure the roll gets marked and duty of care is upheld.

Record Results

Tired of chasing up staff to input the results of their weekend fixtures? Clipboard will automatically follow staff up for you so you can view the complete round of results as they happen.

Log Timesheets

Processing timesheets can take time, so it’s important that staff submit their timesheets on time, and that managers complete the approval process as quickly as possible. To make sure this happens, Clipboard reminds staff to log their hours when a pay cycle is about to end, and then lets managers know that there are timesheets ready for them to approve.

One Home

Click on an employee’s profile to view contact details such as their mobile number or email address. Working With Children Check numbers are also stored, with notifications sent to you when any are about to expire. You can also leave ‘Manager Notes’ on an employee’s profile, allowing you to keep track of information such as accreditations.

Contact Details

With Clipboard, you can forget having to keep a mailing list of all your staff. Choose to email your whole organisation, select activities or specific individuals.

Here's some more ways Clipboard can help you at your school.

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