Stay on top of your school’s duty of care with easy roll marking and powerful reporting

"With Clipboard, staff can easily mark attendance where ever they are and on any device! No matter where a session occurs, we are now always meeting our duty of care to students."

Mary-Kate Churcher
Head of Sport
Kincoppal-Rose Bay

Mark the roll anywhere, anytime

Your staff can mark attendance of their teams from their mobile device with ease, wherever they happen to be.

Always know when key events occur

You can set up notifications for absences and other customisable Flags (such as ‘No gear’, ‘Arrived late’) as you need them, so if a student is marked with an unexplained absence you get an email, or if they forget their gear for the third time this season their parents are notified.

Keep staff aware of expected absences

As Clipboard integrates with your school’s systems, absences during the school day are automatically reflected on rolls. This means if a student left school at 2pm for a doctor’s appointment, they will automatically appear as an ‘Explained’ absence on any Clipboard roll that afternoon.

Overview of all attendance in one place

Instead of receiving rolls in different formats from different people at different times, Clipboard gives you an overview of all attendance across every activity. View and track unmarked rolls and absent students, including the number of times each student has missed a session this season.

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