Extracurricular Management System

Extracurricular activities are a vital part of the student experience, fostering lifelong skills and providing added value beyond the curriculum. While there is a widely accepted necessity for a Learning Management System (LMS) to assist with the delivery of the curriculum, a large number of schools don’t utilise an Extracurricular Management System (EMS) to operate their extracurricular programs. Instead, schools often use a combination of paper, spreadsheets, online forms, SIS modules and other disparate systems. This creates a lack of visibility and often leads to data security risks, as well as inaccurate information.

An EMS is a purpose-built platform designed to help schools manage the administration of their extracurricular activities. It is a one-stop-shop for extracurricular data and processes, allowing schools to access reporting and analytics that they would otherwise be unable to utilise.

Responsibilities of the EMS:

  • checkManage the extracurricular calendar
  • checkReport on student outcomes in extracurricular activities
  • checkManage extracurricular staff
  • checkCollect, report, and visualise extracurricular data in real-time
  • checkFacilitate two-way integration with the Student Information System
  • checkHighly accessible via mobile devices
  • checkCommunicate personalised extracurricular information to students and parents

The EMS sits alongside the Learning Management System (LMS) and the Student Information System (SIS) in a school’s systems landscape. The SIS is the single source of truth for student data, the LMS manages the curriculum, and the EMS is responsible for extracurricular data collection and reporting. It is critical that all of these systems integrate with each other, ensuring there is no duplication of data entry and that key information is automatically kept consistent.

The SIS isn’t responsible for communicating exam results or homework tasks – that’s the responsibility of the LMS. Similarly, it is the distinct role of the EMS to manage all extracurricular processes such as maintaining and communicating the extracurricular calendar.

The EMS Leading Schools Trust

One-home for extracurricular scheduling

A single source of truth. When there are multiple copies of the schedule being sent around, it’s unclear if what you’re reading is up to date. We remove confusion by providing one home for all scheduling.

Seamless integrations

Clipboard can integrate with the existing student information system and payroll system at your school, which allows Clipboard to automatically reference information such as student lists, absences, guardian contacts and activity enrolments, saving you the hassle of manually inputting this information.

Simple staff communication

No more manually chasing up staff to submit match results, mark rolls, or log their timesheets! Clipboard automatically sends notifications to staff to make sure they stay on top of their responsibilities.

Customisable incident management

Every school has different requirements when it comes to reporting incidents. To make sure you uphold your duty of care in the format used by your school, the Clipboard Incident Reporting form is completely customisable.

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