Barker offers its students a broad range of sporting, cultural and recreational co-curricular activities and programs. Students have opportunities to be involved in Music, Cadets, Debating, Drama productions, Outdoor Education and a choice of over 20 different Sports.

After a thorough systems review, Barker selected Clipboard to be its Extracurricular Management System in 2019. Clipboard integrates into the ‘MyBarker’ student portal, allowing the entire school community to stay up-to-date with their activities.

Cameron Anderson, Head of Sport, recently spoke about his experience using Clipboard at Barker and in his prior role at Pymble Ladies’ College.

What problems did you experience before Clipboard?

“Duty of care was the biggest issue. Not being able to mark the rolls accurately, relying on anything from paper rolls to Excel sheets, to coaches sharing forms, etc. We did not have accurate information coming back to us and we really didn't have a good understanding of who was turning up to training and who was not turning up to training. That was the primary frustration.

The other frustration was not knowing whether the medical information we were giving the coaches was actually up to date. So it may have been medical information from the last time a parent had updated or the last time we received the information from the health care centre and printed it out. It could have been 12 months old. Whereas now with Clipboard, we grab the information from the school's database and it's as live as it can be. That was the second part. The third part was electronic timesheets, and just being able to manage that process.

A paper system, obviously, it's not very accurate. You're relying on staff filling it in, for one, which is quite typical for many casual employees. They're coming straight from uni, they're coming from other jobs, they've got to leave and get home or whatever they may be doing. And you may or may not receive that piece of paper back. And it could be lost in the back of their car or left beside a basketball court or whatever it may be. And if that piece of paper had information on it, which was meant to be private information, then that's a real issue.

And I remember at Pymble at one point, picking up a coach's handbook, which had the roll in the back of it. And there were some things scribbled down, which were private to the student and the coach, and that really concerned me.”

How has Clipboard solved these problems?

“Well, Clipboard solved the problems, all three of the major issues I was facing at Pymble and again at Barker. It's solved them completely. Take the first issue, duty of care roll marking. For us, it's a one-stop-shop. It's very easy for the coach to use.

Clipboard allows me to put a simple process in place for the administration team and the coaches of each team. And they can easily mark rolls, access medical information, put themselves up for extra training sessions, press a button to say, yes, please pay me whatever it might be.

It's a very simple system to use. It covers our duty of care issues that we did have really well. And as far as electronic timesheets goes, it's very simple."

Returning to sport during COVID-19

“Well, Clipboard makes the transition back to sport really easy. What we were doing is we were setting up smaller groups. And so initially in our first week back, we concentrated on the teams that we knew would probably come back to competition first. And so we would have to set up smaller groups. And all we did is to put those groups into Clipboard and combined them into a class, allocated a teacher and we're off and running. So it just made the logistical side of it, the duty of care side of it really easy because we knew what we had to do and it was very easy to do it.

And then as we brought more and more students back to training, we could then broaden the groups we had, and allocate a couple of staff to them. So it just made the transition from smaller groups to larger groups, easy. Worrying about navigating our way through all the New South Wales health guidelines, I was quite comfortable knowing that our duty of care was actually being taken care of through software like Clipboard.”

The importance of attendance tracking and contact-tracing

“Well, first of all, we have our duty of care to know where students are at all times just for our normal day-to-day processes. But if you overlay COVID-19 on top of that, it would give us really quick and accurate information about where the student has been, who they've been with, almost like the government's tracking app.

And if, knock on wood, if there was a student who tests positive here, I would almost certainly get a phone call from the top of the school to say, "What team is this student in? When did they train? Who did they train with? And I'd be able to get that information together in about two minutes through Clipboard. So it'd be very handy.”

How has Clipboard Timesheets helped?

“As far as the admin team, we worked out that we'd probably saved somewhere between two and three days hours-wise in a paysheet-run for a staff member. It's like taking it from a 1.0 staff member to a 0.5 staff member. We saved a lot of time running through and coding each of those timesheets.

We saved probably 15 hours in the Sport department per pay cycle...instead of relying on the casual employee to tell us how many hours they've worked each day, knowing that we would likely not be able to check it because there were so many timesheets and casual employees, instead, we're actually rostering the casuals and letting them know and notifying them prior to the end of a pay cycle, how many hours they've worked.

[Savings at Pymble] would have been north of $50,000 a year.”

Type: Co-educational
Size: 2,100 students
Location: Hornsby, NSW, Australia
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"Clipboard solved...all three of the major issues I was facing at Pymble and again at Barker...It's a very simple system to use. It covers our duty of care issues that we did have really well."
Cameron Anderson
Head of Sport
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