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After personally benefiting from extracurricular activities, and then working as basketball coaches themselves, Ed Colyer and Sam Clarke observed the many painful problems that schools were experiencing. The use of manual administrative systems, such as paper or spreadsheets, was causing staff to lose hours each week, duty of care to not always be upheld, and parents and students to not know where they needed to be.

They looked around for a solution to propose to the school and found that nothing in the market adequately solved these problems. With a background in software engineering, Ed and Sam developed the first versions of Clipboard hand-in-hand with an initial group of schools and continued improvements by using it themselves as coaches.

We’re pioneering a new category in EdTech - the EMS (Extracurricular Management System) - to provide a ‘single source of truth’ which solves the complex problems that sport, co-curricular, and music programs present to schools. The EMS sits alongside the Learning Management System (LMS) and the Student Information System (SIS) in a school’s systems landscape. The SIS is the single source of truth for student data, the LMS manages the curriculum, and the EMS is responsible for extracurricular management, reporting, and communication.

Clipboard is now a fast-growing team and has raised multiple rounds of investment. Leading schools across Australia such as Pembroke School, Barker College, and St Catherine’s School Toorak rely on Clipboard to help increase accountability, save time, and improve communication.

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