About Us

While working as basketball coaches at their old high school, Sam Clarke and Ed Colyer couldn’t believe the amount of work required to run extracurricular programs. The use of manual, and often paper, systems led to problems across the board - time wastage, monetary loss, and duty of care not being upheld.

After investigating further, it was discovered that similar problems were common across most, if not all, schools. This included the use of paper timesheets, disparate roll marking strategies, and back-and-forth communication in order to determine staff availability.

This experience led them to build Clipboard, a web-based application designed to enable schools to focus on students, not spreadsheets.

UTS Telstra

Clipboard’s success has been bolstered by partnerships with leading organisations, such as Telstra and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

As a member of the UTS Startups program, the Clipboard team has had the opportunity to collaborate with, and develop alongside, leaders in the education sector. In addition to receiving a grant from the university, the program has connected the founders to highly regarded advisors (such as UTS Director of Entrepreneurship, Murray Hurps).

In early 2019, Clipboard was accepted into one of Australia’s most reputable and competitive accelerator programs, muru-D. Backed by Telstra, Clipboard was one of only ten startups to be accepted out of nearly 200 applicants. In addition to investment by Telstra, the program has provided guidance by some of the most well respected mentors in the Australian startup ecosystem (such as Entrepreneur in Residence, Alan Jones).